Dr. Philip Low

Piano Teacher and Performer

"Philip is a true teaching inspiration, both artistically and technically.  My son now wants to practice 3 hours per day, up from 2 hours.  He is excited about piano exams, scoring High Distinction on three piano exams.  Philip is excellent at imbuing children with the drive to excel at the piano.  My son loves him!"


-Karen Hemphill

Dr. Philip Low's studio is located in Arden Hills, MN

"I have really enjoyed watching Philip bring out the musical potential in my child.  He is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, kind, and inspiring!"

-Kathy Pape


"Dr. Low has lots of little techniques that help me to play the piano better."  

-Madeline Pape (student)

"My daughter Elise is turning 8 years old and has been taking piano lessons for the past two years from Dr. Low.  Within a few months of starting lessons (for the first time) with Dr. Low, she had almost perfect hand position, and she is continuing to develop excellent technique.  Although my daughter is not musically gifted, Dr. Low's unique instruction methods and his talent of working so well with his students has kept her interest in music high.  Piano practice is not a chore to her because she can relate very well to the way Dr. Low teaches, and she enjoys practicing the techniques that he shows her during her lessons.  If I don't happen to help her with practicing at home in quite the same way that Dr. Low does, she will correct me.  Many parents complain about their children disliking lessons with other piano teachers and wanting to quit.  In clear contrast, all of Dr. Low's students seem to be enjoying their experiences with piano



"Elise has loved attending all of the piano recitals; they are very professionally conducted.  She is proud of the progress that she makes and likes to show her friends what she has learned.  I fully expect her to be playing beautiful and complex pieces within a few years.  We hear a lot about how learning to play piano and other instruments develops students' ability to learn in school, and my daughter is a testimonial to that as well.  During her first year of piano lessons, her math scores on her standardized tests increased more than 20 percentage points from fall to spring.  We are very fortunate to have Dr. Low as my daughter's piano teacher."

-Alisen Vetter

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