Congratulations 2016 MMTA contest winners!

Senior Young Artist: Madeline Pape

Junior Young Artist: Rebecca Li

Senior A: Braden O'Connor

Intermediate A: Jacob Basil, Kim Vo

Junior B: Hanna Glamm

Junior A: Carter Thistle, Daniela Senanayake, Remya Weier

Primary: Julia Montgomery


​​Congratulations to Madeline Pape, finalist in 2016 Schubert Club Scholarship Competition.

Announcing the 2016 Schubert Club Competition Finalists!



Congratulations to Carter Thistle, first place in the 2015 Northstar Piano Concerto competition.

Congratulations 2015 MMTA contest winners!

Pictured above:Timo Hemphill (Junior B), Braden O'Connor (Intermediate B), Emma Jenks (Junior Young Artist), Madeline Pape (Junior Young Artist), Ryan Pape (Junior B), Joey Danek (primary), Remya Weier (primary), Kaia Forbes (Junior B).

Winners not pictured: Michael Hu (Intermediate A), Stephen Zheng (Intermediate A), Sherrill Zheng (senior A).

Congratulations to our 2014 MMTA State Contest winners, Michael Hu (Junior A), Kaia Forbes (Junior A), Braden O'Connor (Junior Young Artist), Carter Thistle (Primary), Madeline Pape (Junior Young Artist), and Emma Jenks (Intermediate B).  Winners not pictured: Stephen Zheng (Junior B), Sherrill Zheng (Intermediate B), and William Weikle (Senior A).

Congratulations to our 2013 MMTA State Contest winners, Sherrill Zheng (Intermediate A), Braden O'Connor (Intermediate A), and Timo Hemphill (Junior A)!  

Congratulations to Madeline Pape, first place winner of SPPTA's Honors and Awards Contest, and second place winner of the Northstar Piano Festival's Intermediate A division!

Congratulations to 2013 MMTA State Contest Pre-Primary winner, Remya Weier! 

Congratulations to 2012 MMTA State Contest Junior B Winners Madeline Pape and Braden O'Connor!


Congratulations to 2012 Piano Fun Second Place Winner, Madeline Pape!

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