Policies and Fees

Tuition and Fees:    


1) There is a $30 registration fee each fall.


2) Tuition:         30 minute lessons = $46.50

                        45 minute lessons = $69.75

                        60 minute lessons = $93


Tuition not only covers the cost of weekly lessons and recitals, but also the time to choose and purchase music, create teaching materials, and attend to many other details that are part of the learning experience.


3) Recital fees:  There is a $12 recital fee per student for those who participate.


3) Late fees: If your tuition is not received by the due date, a $15 late fee will be added to your bill. Tuition may be paid as many months in advance as the student wishes.


4) Books:

  • If I provide your books, the cost of the books will be added to your bill for the month.
  • In some cases, I will email you the necessary information to order your own books online. Please order the books the moment you receive my email so we can use the books as soon as possible.



Guarantee for musical success:


To maximize the progress and enjoyment of musical study, there are three vital components:


1. The teacher’s knowledge and support

2. The parents’ encouragement and involvement

3. The student’s commitment to practice




1. Practicing 5 or 6 days per week. Regular practice is essential for musical growth. Thank you in advance for supporting your child’s musical development by assisting him or her in maintaining the discipline of a regular practice schedule.


2. An acoustic piano at your place of residence. It is very important for the student to have an acoustic piano for practice. Electric keyboards are not capable of the nuances in pedaling, phrasing, and dynamics that are a part of serious piano study. It is best if the piano is located in your home to make daily practice possible.


Lesson Swap List:


There will be a “Swap List” available to those who wish to participate. If on a particular week you have a conflict with your lesson time, feel free to contact someone on the list to exchange lesson times for that week. I do not need to know in advance.  Please only swap lesson times you are scheduled to attend.  Please do not offer to swap a lesson that you have already cancelled.  And of course, do not offer your previous lesson time for a swap if you have moved to a new weekly time or quit lessons altogether. 


Missed Lessons:


The studio shall not assume any financial responsibility for a student's absence(s). Monthly rates are flat fees, and shall not be lowered nor refunded for missed lessons. Make-up lessons are not feasible. Please use the swap list whenever possible.




If your child is ill, it is best for them to stay home and rest.  However, if your best judgment tells you they should have a lesson, you are encouraged to request a Skype lesson to avoid the spread of germs to other children.  Another alternative is to request a video lesson, in which case I can make a brief video of myself demonstrating what your child should be practicing and then send it to you.  The length of the video will be enough to cover all of the week's concepts, but may not span the length of your usual lesson.


Extended Absences:


The studio requires all tuition to be paid in full for extended absences spanning several weeks or more.  It is the nature of the teacher-student relationship to be continuous and ongoing.  Therefore, your lesson time is reserved for you every week regardless of your attendance. Payment may be ceased only when the student no longer wishes to reserve their lesson time, freeing it to be occupied by a new student.  If your destination has a piano and computer, feel free to ask about Skype lessons.


Teacher Absences:


Your tuition covers 39 lessons per year.  Yet I schedule two extra unpaid lessons for a total of 41 lessons.  These two lessons allow me two teacher cancellations per year without affecting tuition or requiring make up lessons.  This provides me the flexibility to judge contests and exams, to attend professional development seminars, or to take time off for illness or personal reasons.  Though extremely rare, any teacher cancellations in excess of 2 lessons will be either refunded or made up.


Lesson Procedure:


Please wait until your lesson time, and then enter the studio and be seated quietly.  This way your lesson time will be noted.  It is important to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the studio during the lessons so that the teacher and student may concentrate.  Cell phone conversations are strongly discouraged, and it is asked that siblings not attend the lesson unless they can sit quietly without disrupting.


Please wash your hands before the lesson, and make sure fingernails are trimmed short. Even moderately long nails impair good hand position at the piano.  It is very important that the student brings all necessary books as well as the assignment book to each lesson.  


Parents are required to remain in the room for the lesson for all students under 18. For children under 8 and a half, I suggest parents observe the lesson closely and practice with the child at home.


Instrument Maintenance:


Your piano should be tuned twice a year. One tuner I recommend is Terry Sipe (763) 262-6359.


Summer Lessons:

Each student will sign up for a minimum of five lessons to be scheduled any time or day during the summer term. This provides enough flexibility to accommodate any schedule. Summer lessons are mandatory. Students who do not purchase five  lessons will not be guaranteed their place in the fall schedule.











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